måndag 3 augusti 2020


the last ride with my Monster v1 :-(

you served me well since 2016!

EUC: Gotway Monster 2400wh



then I started to play with my Monster to show some standing still, reversing, backwards carving etc... for some interested people and POPP!

something went wrong

I sat down and finished my ice-cream

when started the machine again smoke was coming out of the shell and it crackled loudly :-(

I was really scared because there were many people around
and my 2400Wh battery pack would be a disaster fire and bad publicity for EUC

luckily it was only mosfets 

I did not turn on my super fan for playing :-(
and reversing motors and balancing gives a lot of "spikes" that the mosfets could not handle this time... (why is there no fuse!!!!)

just minutes before I was blasting in 50km/h in the forest and on gravel roads
...so I am lucky I could only step off without any crash

since then I have used parts from Super Hero Henry's old Monster v2 to wake my frankenstein again

now it has one red cover to remind me of my v1 ...and a blue cover from the new v2 version


the motor is now 2000W instead of 1600W

it takes some time to getting used to

v1 was more "nimble" and answered more directly on my front-wedge push in the toes

READ about the front-wedge here

but v2 has WAY BETTER breaking power :-)

hopefully there is a 22" 3500W coming soon ...
renforced inner shell
thick axle (hollow motor)
equal weight distribution of batteries
a fuse to not explode the card while doing slow work
crash cage or better structure holding the shells together
display...so we can get rid of all stupid phone apps while riding

tisdag 29 oktober 2019